Jelinek Bohemian Honey Slivovitz 700ml 35%

Jelinek Bohemian Honey Slivovitz 700ml 35%

  • $64.99

700ml 35% alcohol

Bohemia Honey is a liqueur which combines the taste of genuine three year-old slivovitz with the flavour and aroma of linden honey. With a natural honey aroma and light fruity notes with definite plum undertones, you can detect dried plums, caramel and linden blossom.

The classical fruity plum distillate became the basis for BOHEMIAN HONEY. It is produced from three-stage distillation of ripe plum mash, which has as its essence the best selected varieties of plums. This method of distillation leads to the unique cleanness, smoothness and long-term high standard of Jelinek Slivovitz. The distillate is subsequently mixed with genuine linden honey. Long-term maceration of honey gives it a golden colour, slightly sweet taste and the aroma of honey.

In Bohemian Honey we combine slivovitz, reflecting Wallachia, its traditions and connection with nature, with the flavours and aromas of linden honey, known by beekeepers for its top quality and proven positive effect on the human body.

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